Natural Resources & Wildlife Programs


The Department of Parks and Recreation's mission includes protecting the natural environment within the park system. It is our goal to inventory, protect, manage and enhance natural resources on Prince George's County parkland to provide a healthy and diverse environment for the enjoyment of park patrons and future generations, in addition to a viable habitat for plant life and wildlife. Our mission is greatly supported by public involvement in stewardship efforts. Individuals and groups can enhance stewardship efforts by participating in volunteer opportunities.
  1. Adopt-a-Park
  2. Adopt-a-Pond
  3. Adopt-a-Trail
  4. Conservation Club
  5. Eastern Bluebird Monitoring
  6. Eagle Scouts / Gold Awards
  7. Monarch Waystations
  8. Weed Warriors
  9. Wetland Stewardship
  10. Wildlife Response
  11. Wood Duck Monitoring Program

Wood Duck Monitoring Program

The Park Rangers maintain the wood duck boxes located in M-NCPPC parks located throughout the county. This includes:
  • Monitoring the boxes once a year to collect data on fledglings
  • Preparing the wood duck boxes for the following season
Each year we increase the number of boxes to new and existing parks in an attempt to raise the current population. Wood ducks typically nest from late February throughout July. Nesting mostly occurs in March and April. The average nest size is twelve eggs with one being laid per day.